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About Abstrametrics
Abstrametrics is a term I coined based on an artistic design style that I developed over several years of experimenting with illustrations, layouts, typography, and graphics. I never really focused too hard on trying to develop my own style. It was more so of me trying to train my eye by studying the rockstar artists and designers who had come before me, copy them, then strip away their attributes and formulate my own. 

Besides the fact that I grew up under the influence of my grandfather whose father was a master builder, I am sure that having a sharp eye for design runs in my blood. It wasn't until many of my peers in design school begin pointing out that I had a geometric yet abstract style that was sometimes clean and others times a bit grunge. Eventually I begin to hone this craft and created the brand of Abstrametrics. This is just the beginning of what's to come.

About the Artist
James E. Walker is a Houston-based designer, artist, and illustrator who is best known for his album cover artwork, logo design, typography, and layout design work. He is also popular for his illustrative style of portraits and pattern design, which he refers to as “Abstrametrics.” James has produced work that has been displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, The Printing Museum, and the Houston Museum of African American Culture.

Since 2015, Walker has volunteered his services as a muralist for the benefit of The Center for Hearing and Speech for their Annual Via Colori Street Painting Festival in Houston’s Downtown City Hall District. He has been commissioned to design for organizations and venues such as Better Homes and Gardens, Crouch Environmental, Nino Properties, Totoya Center, Match Houston, and MET Dance. Over the years, James has collaborated with several professional athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs like Cassius Vaughn, Denzel Rice, Sean Coffey, CJ Mosley, Charles Criner, K-Rino, Shawn Artis, and June Archer to name a few.

James studied at The Art Institute of Houston where he received an AAS in Graphic Design. Earlier in his career, he studied music production and audio engineering at Houston Community College and received a certification in Audio & Recording Technology.

Walker explores his creative process not only working in a digital software platform, but also with silkscreen printing onto wood and cotton fabrics, wood staining, pyrography, pastel chalk, acrylic paint markers, vinyl installation, photography, and digital printing.